Arkansas - Child's Obesity
The Arkansas Children's Hospital where much of the research is part of the network that is researching child's obesity research. Creative commons image by Wasted Time R.

Arkansas Receives $9.4 Million For Childhood Obesity Studies

One of the top states in the nation that the epidemic of childhood obesity has impacted has received an infusion of $94 million in grant monies from the National Institutes of Health. The monies are earmarked to create and fund the ACRI (Arkansas Center for Health Improvement) at the Arkansas Children’s Research Institute. While the national…

BMI reporting in schools is reportedly not an effective way to reduce childhood obesity according to some studies. Creative commons image by Paul H.

BMI Reporting From Schools Cited as Ineffective

While legislation in many states have considered it helpful that reporting student BMI (body mass index) to parents is a way to nix childhood obesity, health studies vouch it is not deemed helpful as a preventative measure in hampering obesity in kids. This has been a trend over the last decade in many states, with the…