Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Focus Desk Helps Fight Childhood Obesity

Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Focus Desk Helps Fight Childhood Obesity

Focus Desk

Focus Desk

It is a critical time whereby about a third of children in United States of America are obese or overweight; and according to the American Heart Association, parents and schools are expressing anxiety to consider next generation desks as very helpful in promoting future health condition. Latest research now shows that children enjoy more the increased benefits of health when they are allowed to us standing desks in school instead of those for sitting.

A combined research conducted by the US and Great Britain indicates that activities that children participate in increase both when they are in school and even afterwards when classes are fixed with stand-biased desks.

The Marvel Group at Chicago has a Focus Desk that has increased the level of productive classwork and school activities simply by availing adjustable young students with height adjustable option for K-8 students. This has features that enable children to have a customized experience whereby they raise or lower the desk surface at will uniquely and silently. They are designed by Feathertouch ™ and this uniqueness is exclusive to such products. This also ensures a high level of comfort promotes level of activity performance and also ensures the class greatly fits a learning environment.

Many qualities make Focus Desk to be different from fixed height standing desks. Inasmuch as the fixed ones have an increase in calorie burns, they interfere with the student’s posture and comfort since they are unable to accommodate children of diverse heights. It is also limiting to those with height deformities. Experts also made suggestions that some tasks such as taking tests and writing may be better when students are seated than when they are standing. This is not achievable in fixed height desks. Teachers also find it very difficult to move fixed height desks. They find this cumbersome and therefore group work can be rarely achieved.

These are now clear reasons why the adjustable Focus desk had to be designed. This necessity was after thinking about both students and teachers. Activities are able to be done with more vigor and high level of participation with these being used. These kinds of activities greatly impact students’ health, mental growth, physical stature and social life. Through this, children are able to achieve their needs flexibly and with versatility.

marvelfocusdesk.com provides more information about the Focus Desk. It can give you more features that you would like to know about this new design of student desks. It is a product of the Marvel Group. This is a group also based in Chicago. It is a 70-year old manufacturer that performs a wide range of furnishings, not to forget that they are high quality furnishings. They offer them in a very wide range, home to office, large to small, education to recreation. Product lines range from office chairs and file cabinets to executive office furniture and open office work-stations.

Products here are manufactured and approved by ISO 9001. Here they are certified and accompanied by a lifetime warranty. Isn’t that interesting? Being offered a lifetime warranty must be a nice experience with The Focus Desk.

The group also offers superior customer services that enable supply to 5 major industries so that they assure customers of a complete project that is problem free and timely.

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