Fitness and Your 6-12 Year Old

Fitness and Your 6-12 Year Old

Child on swing

Child on swing

Children especially those that are at the ages between 6 and 12 years’ old often require that physical activity and work out. This is important especially when it comes to building confidence, strength and internal as well as body coordination.

When laying a healthy background for children especially around this age will help them gain control of their active as well as eating life.

It is obvious that kids who are around this age go to school. It is very important to ensure that these kids are active in games and school sports that will help to also build their personalities as well as interests.

As a parent make it more fun and enjoyable by brainstorming with your children on fitness games that they would like to be involved in. Trust me, most kids won`t mind fitness games daily as long as they can enjoy.

Physical activities that are recommended daily especially for children between ages of 6 and 12 years are:

  • 1 hour of moderate or vigorous activity.
  • Engagement in physical activities daily for at least 15 minutes or so.
  • Avoid the children from staying idle unless if they are taking a nap.

Fitness at Home

Many parents will think of registering their children in a sports club or swimming club for exercise. Although this is very important, going for practice for these games or swimming won`t meet or reach the daily activities goals. There are several ways that parents can keep children active and moving at home. Some of these include:

  • Making physical activities such as doing household chores and taking walks after dinner a daily activity.
  • Keeping an assortment of sports pieces of equipment such as balls and skipping ropes and getting your children busy for hours.
  • Limit time that is spend watching television and playing video games on TV or on. This can become addictive especially with kids of that age and it can sometimes become tricky getting them away from that.
  • Allow yourself as a parent enough time to also play with your children.  Go for those short organized hikes in the forest or ride bikes as a family. You will also get enough and ample time to play and spend time with your children.

If you are that parent who is not able to meet the above tips, you can take advantage of public and local sports and playing grounds that are near your locality. Plan for family fitness outings and make them a routine in your calendar.

Plan for that ice skating and rock climbing with the children and make it more fun for them. As you help your kids to exercise, you will be exercising as well. Fitness for kids is very important. Kids at that age will learn true meaning of team work and endurance.

It is also important to have protective gears for kids such as helmets and protective pads especially for those kids that skate etc. Those that have chronic medical conditions shouldn’t be excluded from daily fitness neither. A doctor’s advice can know what is best for your child.

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